Customer Benefits

Our customers include homeowners, commercial properties, condominium complexes, municipalities, restaurants, camps….

Tank Inspections – As part of each septic maintenance service, our technician will perform a brief visual inspection on your system to keep your septic system healthy.  

Inspection includes:

  • examining the lid and tank for cracks or deterioration
  • checking that tank baffles are in working order
  • observing if tank is operating at the correct level
  • checking for root infestation,
  • visually observing the surface of your system for evidence of system failure
  • And More!

Notification after Servicing– Our customer service personnel follow up each service with a call letting you know what we observed at the time of your maintenance or repair services. We work with you to keep accurate records of your system maintenance and repairs.

Neighborhood Discounts – Save money when you encourage your neighbors to schedule routine septic maintenance on the same day. Be the pump party host and earn an extra discount! Call today for details!

Record Retention– We keep all of our customers’  system’s information in our records. This is ideal for future reference and also to address any inquiries after a property sale. We know where your septic tank is located, how well it has been maintained, and all repairs we’ve made!

Local and State Codes – We work closely with engineers and local health/regulatory agencies to ensure that all standards and specifications are followed when installing a new septic system, replacing a defective septic system, or repairing your current septic tank or septic system. You can confidently hire us knowing our work is completed under current codes!

Reminder Program – Leave it to us to remind you of your next maintenance service!  We enter your system’s information into our records and automatically issue a postcard reminder for routine maintenance every 3 years as recommended by local and state agencies. 

Consultations – With over 60 years of experience, we can provide advice on all aspects of your septic system from installation of a new septic system to suggested disposal rules for household products.

Clean & Courteous – We go the “extra mile” to keep your yard looking as nice as possible throughout our visit. We excavate carefully to prevent ruining the appearance of your lush, green lawn. On our larger excavations, we seed and hay the disturbed areas when the project is completed.

Explanation of ALL Findings – An educated customer will appreciate our expertise and will trust Wilson Septic for all septic tank needs. For this reason, our staff will explain all findings with a follow up phone call.  Our technicians can explain findings during our diagnostic services or any other service. Your septic system is an important investment – let us help keep it healthy!