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Our knowledgeable staff has an average of 10 or more years with our company and can provide you with the expert service you need to maintain a healthy septic system.

Excellence & Quality since 1955

Wm. H. Wilson Septic System Service offers our northern NJ customers a wide range of expert services including maintenance, repair, installation, pump repair, high pressure jetting and camera inspections.

Clean & Courteous

We go the extra mile to keep your yard looking as nice as possible throughout our visit. We excavate carefully to prevent ruining the appearance of your lush, green lawn.


Detailed Explanation

Our staff will explain all findings from routine maintenance and diagnostic services with a follow up phone call.

Neighborhood Discounts

Save money when you encourage your neighbors to schedule routine septic maintenance on the same day.

Local and State Codes

We work closely with engineers and local regulatory agencies to ensure all standards are met when installing a new system or repairing your current tank.


Curious about the process? We have plenty of videos to demonstrate the quality of our work.

We work neatly, and promise to leave your lawn in great condition.

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Do's and Dont's of Septic Maintenance

From use of a garbage disposal to the amount of laundry in your washer, daily water habits affect the lifespan of your tank and system. Read our list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you’re taking care of your system every day.

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Residential Septic System Info & Repairs

Educate yourself before you start looking for quotes. Read this post full of the terms and definitions related to the common types of residential septic systems to learn more. Call us for a free estimate on any services or repairs.

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Replacements of Septic System Components

Many homeowners believe that once a septic system has been installed, it will continue to work forever without any maintenance or repairs. Read more about the lifespan of your system and how to maintain it.

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